Minnesota School Boards Association

MSBA Equity Dashboard

MSBA Equity Dashboard Tool

Clarnova is proud to support MSBA's effort to help school districts monitor equity-related data in a manner that helps school leaders make decisions based on an equity lens.

Clarnova has partnered with MSBA to create a tool that displays equity data categories in a way that is easy to read, and helps school districts quickly identify areas of strength or concern for strategic planning.

MSBA identified key categories in data that can be filtered through an equity lens to find areas that schools are succeeding in or areas that may need improvement. These categories not only include the traditional assessments, but also look at behavior and participation as a way to understand all aspects of the students' academic and social life in the district.

Clarnova incorporated this tool into our strategic planning software specifically configured for MSBA. Publicly available data is pre-populated so you can use the Equity Dashboard immediately. Through this partnership MSBA is offering all its members access to this tool. If you are a member of MSBA, you can get access to your Equity Dashboard Tool by clicking the button below and filling out the form.

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