Four Common Challenges in Implementing a Strategic Plan

In many cases, organizations encounter unexpected challenges in the process of implementing their strategic plans.  Over the years, Clarnova has partnered with strategic planning experts to develop a powerful solution to help organizations to overcome challenges in the four key areas listed below.  When using our software, organizations find they are able to effectively implement their strategic plans and reach their goals.  As you read the information below, consider this important question:

Does your organization have the necessary tools to solve the challenges in these four key areas?

  • Disorganization of planning information and documentation?
  • Disconnect between the strategic plan and site/department plans?
  • Absence of a centrally located plan for easy access by everyone?
  • Challenges linking documentation to specific parts of the plan?
  • Difficulty keeping the plan active and not sitting on a shelf?
  • Inability to measure the effectiveness of initiatives towards achieving plan goals?
  • Problems identifying barriers to successfully implementing the plan?
  • Lack of buy-in for new or continuing initiatives?
  • Missing documentation of assigned responsibilities to achieve plan objectives?
  • Challenges identifying the current status of the plan?
  • Struggling to compare projected costs vs. actual implementation costs?
  • Problems with access and transparency for stakeholders?
  • Difficulty creating reports showing plan progress?
  • Inability to notify individuals of their ongoing plan responsibilities and due dates?

Free Resources to Help with the Strategic Planning Process

We have created two important resources to assist organizations in effectively implementing their strategic plans.

  1. A complimentary strategic planning checklist, which can be completed by all stakeholders in your organization and used to evaluate your strategic planning process. There's even an option to send the checklist as a survey that can be completed online.
  2. A complimentary demonstration of Clarnova's strategic planning software to see how it can help your organization successfully implement your plan.