Dr. Matt Doyle

Dr. Matt Doyle was instrumental in helping Clarnova design a California version of the planning tool specifically for LCAP reporting. We asked Dr. Doyle to share his experience in using the tool and how it has helped his district in the Strategic Planning process.

  1. Because you were instrumental in shaping the software to make it more relevant for CA school districts, can you briefly explain what your role in that process was?

    “I worked closely with Mike S. and Wilbert B. to customize the software to align to the LCAP requirements in California.”

  2. What were the Strategic Planning challenges that your district was facing that using Clarnova’s strategic planning software helped address?

    “This software enabled us to combine the content of the planning process with the budgeting requirements of the strategic plan.”

  3. What systems or tools did your district previously use and what challenges did you encounter with them?

    “We previously used the CDE provided excel template for strategic planning.
    It is very hard to manage a strategic plan using an excel spreadsheet…This is not conducive to managing and updating complex strategic plans.”

  4. Explain the things you liked most about your experiences with Clarnova’s strategic planning software AND how those positive things have directly impacted your district’s strategic planning process? Some things to consider include:
    1. Accessibility of your plan for staff before vs. after using the software?

      “We have trained the entire team at the District Office in the use of the software. The learning curve was fast and intuitive.”

    2. Organization of your plan and supporting documents before vs. after using the software?

      “The software is actually enhancing our collective work refining the plan because the elements of the plan are easily accessible due to the depth of the software.”

    3. Communication of plan responsibilities and progress with staff and/or stakeholders before vs. after using the software?

      “Before the software, we were not really able to track progress on assigned elements. We now are able to track individual administrator progress using the update features.”

    4. Staff understanding or “buy-in” about your district’s strategic plan before vs. after using the planning software?

      “The software has enabled the team to have ownership of the plan because they are able to add progress updates as they progress through the year.”

    5. Ease of LCAP reporting before vs. after using the software?

      “This is the best part of the software. The LCAP development is complex in a large district. The software has enabled us to make on-going revisions to the LCAP without investing hours of time revising the LCAP. An update is now one click away. This is a huge step forward for strategic planning.”

  5. Would you be willing to share some evidence of the impact of Clarnova’s strategic planning software in the success of your district’s strategic plan?

    “Sure. Our district has been recognized throughout the state for our strategic plan.”

  6. Any feedback/suggestions that you feel would help a district that is considering using Clarnova’s strategic planning software?

    “Start using it!”


Matt Doyle, Ed.D.
Interim Superintendent of Schools.