Four Keys to Strategic Planning Success!

There are many important things to consider throughout the strategic planning process.  By working with strategic planning experts over many years, Clarnova has identified four key areas that organizations tend to struggle with.  Our goal is to help your organization to use the information and resources that we are sharing to design and implement an effective strategic plan.  As you read the information below, consider this important question:

Does your organization have the necessary tools to succeed in these four key areas?

  • Access to all plan documents and info in one central tool?
  • Connect site/department plans to the strategic plan?
  • Control who has access to planning information?
  • Link documentation in a variety of formats to all areas of the plan?
  • System that ensures commitment & stability throughout the planning process?
  • Easily align objectives with initiatives to ensure progress toward goals?
  • Identify and communicate needs for continued plan implementation?
  • Create buy-in by connecting an individual's daily job to the success of the plan?
  • Assign responsibility for every part of the plan?
  • Monitor overall status and effectiveness of the plan?
  • Compare projected vs. actual plan implementation costs?
  • Inform all stakeholders of current status and effectiveness of plans?
  • Produce customized reports and presentations quickly?
  • Notify appropriate individuals of assignments or status updates?

Consider These Resources to Help Your Organization

We have created two important resources to assist in the strategic planning process.

  • Access our complimentary strategic planning checklist, which can be completed by all stakeholders in your organization and used to evaluate your strategic planning process. If you're interested, there is an option to send the checklist as a survey which can be completed online to quickly gather important feedback.
  • Another great option is to consider working with a consultant to assist your organization in identifying and implementing your plan.  If you'd like to be connected with strategic planning consultants who have partnered with Clarnova, click the button below and we'll send you a list of expert consultants – including their contact information, website, and planning philosophy.